Dette nettstedet bruker informasjonskapsler for å forbedre din opplevelse på siden. Du kan lese mer om hvorfor og hvordan her.

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Support Menu (English)

It is not always appropriate to wait in telephone queues. Then you can use our Quick Support that you find on your own machine.

At bottom right of the taskbar of Windows (small white pyramid beside power and network status on the taskbar) finds customers of us a shortcut to our support service. If you click on the little paper airplane, you get a menu that help us to make our support more efficient for you.

Support via email(w/screenshot)

This option starts your default e mail program and fill out your email address to our support for you. Type what you need help with and send us the email. That way you can avoid waiting in telephone queues to get enrolled a case to us. Remember to bring your phone number if you want us to call you. It is also incredibly useful for us to see exactly what happens when something goes wrong on your machine. This option takes a picture of your screen and put it in an email to us. Then you can expect far more effective help from us.

Status messages (via Facebook)

If something happens that affects more customers at once records we brief information about this on our Facebook site. There records we also information about errors on our phone system, if we should be so unfortunate that something happens to it. So if we are difficult to obtain, it may be to check the status here.


Show external IP address: Opens a web page that displays the IP address you have on the Internet.

Renew your IP address: Runs a command locally on your PC that attempts to configure your internet connection again.

System information: Opens a screen that displays useful information about your PC. For example, the version of Windows you have, what kind of processor, amount of memory (RAM), if you have 32-bit or 64-bit Windows, the name of your machine and the domain it belongs.